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Looking for a notary? Not sure where to start or what to expect? It can be confusing and overwhelming especially when you need someone late at night or weekends, last minute on a Holiday, or under stressful situations such as at a hospital, jail or when you're unable to leave your home or the office - that's what Eleventh Hour Signings and Mobile Notary Services is here for...I make house calls! Since I provide mobile notary service throughout San Diego County, I can meet you wherever it’s convenient FOR YOU… your home, office, hospital room or even the hood of your car!

I am a former Escrow Officer with 18 years experience processing mortgage's and other related documents listed under NOTARY SERVICES below. I am a proud member of the National Notary Association, Notary Rotary and the American Association of Notaries. If you need a Loan Signing Specialist, I am certified by the NNA, 123Notary and Direct Closers. I have extensive knowledge and experience with all of your Real Estate & Escrow documents.

I am OBSESSED with attention to detail!

There are so many Notary Loan Signing Agents that don't understand the importance and urgency of making sure that mortgage loan documents are signed, dated and notarized accurately according to lender and investor standards. I've heard multiple stories of Notary Loan Signing Agents thinking that if they take the online courses that are offered by several companies that they will be able to navigate through the myriad of documents and procedures without making mistakes. HIghly unlikely! Notary Loan Signing Agents have an enormous amount of responsibilities that can not be taken lightly and unfortunately inexperienced Notary Loan Signing Agents make costly mistakes - these are examples of why it's so important to make sure that the Notary Loan Signing Agent that you hire has extensive experience and understands the process, procedures and lender expectations. I have the experience, knowledge and passion for accuracy that sets me above the rest. I can assure you that when I'm on the job it gets done right the first time!

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